All client data is treated confidentially and is stored securely. Client data may be shared with other local dog service professionals should it prove necessary, e.g., to arrange holiday cover with the client’s agreement. No client data is ever shared or sold to any other organisation for marketing purposes. We do not send you any marketing because we’d rather be out walking to your dog.

We may post images of your dog(s) from time to time, either here or on Facebook (or occasionally via email). This is for your benefit, so that you can see how your dogs spend their time with us. You can ask us not to do this if you prefer. Images posted on this site will be on a non-public page. Images posted on Facebook are public, but we are mindful of your privacy and security and do not tag or otherwise identify you, your dog or any locations where we walk. Images will be removed from this site on termination of your contract and you may request images to be removed from here or Facebook at any time.

Basic Client data will be retained as long as legal and financial legislation requires. Pet and additional data will be destroyed on request or if no further services are requested within a year from the end of the last contract.

Generally, we are far too busy walking your dogs to spend time stalking you or doing nefarious things with your data.