Welcome to Fleet Paws, dog walking and home visit service in Fleet, Hampshire. My name is Dexter and I will be your guide today.

I like to run. I’m very fast and like to run a lot. We dogs need plenty of exercise to keep us healthy and stimulated. Look how shiny my coat is and how alert I am.

Her In and Outdoors (Who Must Be Obeyed) understands me and my needs very well, because she speaks dog. She has a Diploma in Canine Behaviour, which means I’ve managed to train her quite well…umm, some other dogs may have helped over the years too. She loves dogs and they love her, so you can be sure that she’ll take very good care of you too. She tells me that she’s Fully Insured to look after other dogs and DBS checked too, so your human family need not worry either.

I love to sniff around all the interesting smells in the woods and I like to meet other dogs too.  I also widdle all over the place while we’re out – it’s important to let other dogs know you’ve been there, kind of like graffiti – so we may have already “met” even though we haven’t actually met, if you know what I mean.

Our walks together are great fun and I like to meet other dogs. She’s helped me to be much less afraid of people too. If you’d like to see what she can do for you, then read some more about the services we offer.


This isn’t her btw – she prefers to be on the other side of the camera – but you get the idea.